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School Partnership / Down Syndrome Specialist teacher training

The Down Syndrome Specialist Partnership Program trains teachers, administrators and other educational professionals to act as resources in their respective school districts on teaching students with Down syndrome in an inclusive setting. This program is a collaborative effort between DSAMT and Middle Tennessee school districts with the main goal of providing support for educators and families seeking to build a meaningful education for students with Down syndrome. The first training, held in Fall of 2010, worked with representatives from five Middle Tennessee school districts. Enrollment for specialists from additional districts is currently open. Ongoing trainings, held quarterly, provide additional support on topics including, reading, inclusion, transition, behavioral strategies and more. Trainings are specifically designed to assist professionals in teaching students with Down syndrome, although many topics are applicable to all students, with or without special needs.

The Down Syndrome Specialist Partnership Program works to address the need that many educators feel for more support and information concerning the educational needs of students with Down syndrome. To do so, the program calls for school districts to appoint specific educational professionals, designated as Down Syndrome Specialist, to receive advanced training on Down syndrome and how it can affect the learning process. These Down Syndrome Specialists (who may be teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals, or administrators) will learn techniques, approaches, and materials that have been proven to be successful for students with Down syndrome. DSAMT hopes that through this program, we can bridge the communication gap between parents and educators by improving the exchange of perspectives and information.

If you are a school professional and are interested in participating in this new and innovative program, please contact Alecia Talbott at or 615.386.9002.

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Changing Lives program for healthcare professionals

The following information has been compiled to assist doctors and medical professionals in caring for patients who have Down syndrome and their families. Thank you for desire to provide high quality health care to our loved ones.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals:


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