2014 Phyllis Gall Grandparent Award Mark Copeland

First Annual Phyllis Gall Grandparent of the Year Awarded to Mr. Mark Copeland
DSAMT is very excited to present the first ever Grandparent of the year award, the award is named in honor of Phyllis Gall.

Since joining our organization in 2012, Mark has been a strong leader, advocate, and supporter of DSAMT. In addition to serving on the DSAMT Board of Directors for two terms, Mark personally led our Caleb Thompson Memorial Golf tournament to record success each and every year. And very importantly, he enjoys nothing more spending time with his grandson Ryder Hannah (pictured above with Mark), whose family has also been heavily involved in our community and DSAMT.

Mark, we thank you for all that you continue do for DSAMT, and congratulations on becoming the first recipient of the Phyllis Gall Grandparent of the year award.Please help me in congratulating and thanking Mark for everything he has and continues to do to support and celebrate those with Down syndrome and their families.