Support Down Syndrome Businesses

Cailyn Wheaton - Owner LittleBig Dog Treats

Please consider supporting the businesses on this page.

There are many businesses that are owned or operated by people who have Down syndrome. These are just a few of them.

21 Pineapples - Nate Simon, CEO
321 Life - Artist Brandon Gruber
A Little Something Extra Ice Cream - Owner Hunter Norwood
Andy Meredith Photography - Artist Andy Meredith
April's Cottage Soap - Owner April Watkins
Artlifting - Owner Andrew Weatherly
Austin's Underdawgs - Owner Austin Underwood
Allie Art - Owner Alexandra, "Allie" Guard
Bernadette Resha Art - Owner/Artist Bernadette Resha LOCAL
Blake's Snow Shack - Owner Blake Pyron
Bonfire BBQ - Chef Matthew Hessburg
Bradley's Blocks - Owned by Bradley Spidell
Brittany’s Baskets of Hope - owner Brittany Schiavone
BROX21 Clothing - Owner Brock
Candidly Kind - Designs by Grace Key
Chani’s Creations - Artist Chani
Christian Royal Pottery- Owner/Artist Christian Royal
Collettey's Cookies - Owner Collette
Corbin Smiles - Owner Corbin Chanter
Da Bombs by Morgan Tibbens - Owner Morgan Tibbens
Dance Happy Designs - Founded by Julia, Liv, and Emily
DK Arts - Artist Dylan Kuehl
Doggy Delights by Allison - Owner Allison
Downright Charming Quilts - owner Sarah Ellen Ely 
Down Right Delicious Dog Treats by Callie - Owner Callie Davis LOCAL
Downlights - Owner Emma Sykes
Dusty's Puppets - Owner Dusty
Florida Keys Art by Cinnamon - Owner Cinnamon Edgar
Gabi's Grounds Coffee Shop - Owners Gabi and Mary Angelini
Gabes Glass Creations - Owner Gabe Silva
Grace Place Art - Artist Grace
Gracie’s Doggie Delights - Co-owner Gracie Jagler
Group Hug Apparel - Owner Andrew Banar
H-Bomb Ties - Inspired by Harrison
HÆRFEST COFFEE - Owner Co-founder Ethan Foreman
If You Had Wings, Inc - Built by Lindsay Holcombe
It's Cool To Be Me - Author Kayleigh Williamson
John's Crazy Socks - Co-owner John Lee Cronin
Just Charlie French - Owner Charlie French
LittleBIG DogTreats - Owner Cailyn Wheaton LOCAL
Megology - Owner “Born This Way” star, Megan Bomgaars
No Rulz  - Owners Ann and Mallory Regan
Oliver Hellowell Photography - owner Oliver Hellowel
Poppin Joe’s Gourmet Kettle Korn - Owner Joe Steffy
Precious Creations, Inc - owner Precious C. Scott-Fields
Reason to Bake - Co-owner Carolyn Sampson
River Bend Gallery - Owner/Photographer Geoffrey Mikol
Ry's Ties - Owner Ry
Seanese - Owner “Born This Way” star, Sean McElwee
Sophiola - Owner Sophia
Sparkles By Maxine - Owner Maxine Simeone
Special Sparkle - Owner Kelly Neville
Sweet Heat Jam Co. - Owner Nolan Stilwell
Sweet Jordan's Baked Goods and Ice Cream - Owner Jordan St. John LOCAL
Taz Paintings - Owner Tazia Fawley
This is Jacob Rugs - Owner Jacob Kiefor
Troy Made it Pottery - Owner Troy
Zero Premium Condiments - Owner Mohamed Camara

If you or someone you know owns a business and happens to have Down syndrome please contact for consideration of placement on this page.