Learn How You Can Volunteer with DSAMT

DSAMT relies heavily on our fantastic volunteers to keep delivering the high level of quality programming to our community. THANK YOU for all you do!
If you haven’t yet volunteered, there are many different types of volunteer opportunities at DSAMT. You could be a camp volunteer, peer counselor, offer extra help at events or even help behind the scenes.

Learn more about how you can get involved - register for specific volunteer activities or get plugged in to our newsletters to discover opportunities that are a good fit for you!

Volunteer of the Year,
Ydalia Sanders

DSAMT is proud to recognize Ydalia Sanders as the 2023 volunteer of the year. Ydalia is one of DSAMT’s county connectors and a parent representative for DSAMT. She assists with multiple activities and events not just for her county but other DSAMT events as well. In addition to all the great activities she helps to plan and execute, she has assisted DSAMT staff, many times at the spur of the moment, with our Spanish Speaking families to ensure they have the support and services they need. Thank you Ydalia for everything you have done for DSAMT!

Downloadable Waivers and Other Resources for Volunteers

Please Contact Tanya Chavez at 615-294-8736 or