School Partnership

DSAMT provides support and training for educators, school professionals and education students to assist their efforts to provide a meaningful educational experience for students with Down syndrome.  Educators and students are never charged for this support, though the value of this program is extremely high.  Time and again, participants tell us how impactful the trainings have been on their ability to educate all students.

If you are an parent, information can be found under Education.

Down Syndrome Specialist Training

The Down Syndrome Specialist Training provides advanced training on Down syndrome and how it can affect the learning process and academic performance. Most importantly, it trains participants on strategies and supports that have been proven to be successful for exceptional learners, especially in an inclusive environment.

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College Partnership Program

DSAMT’s College Partnership Program is a collaborative effort between DSAMT and college-level education classes and/or professors. This program provides future students with a unique, hands-on opportunity to apply what they are learning in their courses in a supervised environment with full support from university staff, DSAMT and a certified behavior analyst.

For additional information or to become a college partner contact Tanya Chavez at

Awareness Presentations for Students

DSAMT staff including the Executive Director, Program Director, Outreach Director, Education and Advocacy director,  and self-advocates with Down syndrome are happy to give interactive presentations to schools or classes about Down syndrome.  There are no costs for these presentations and they can be customized to fit your needs.

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Request A Speaker

DSAMT executive director, Alecia Talbott, is an accomplished, dynamic speaker and is available to speak on a variety of advocacy, education and Down syndrome related topics. Self-advocates with Down syndrome can also be requested to speak at your event.