Understanding Down Syndrome

There are many educational and support resources available, both for the people with Down syndrome and for those who support them. Explore this section to learn more about Down syndrome.


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About Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is the most common genetic condition, occurring once in every 733 babies born today. The most common form of Down syndrome, Trisomy 21, occurs during cell division when a full or partial extra copy of the 21st chromosome is formed. No two people with Down syndrome are alike – individuals possess varying degrees of intellectual disabilities, and most have a mild to moderate range of intellectual disability.  Most importantly, each individual with "something extra" is their own unique beautiful self, and Down syndrome is just one small part of who they are.

In addition to our Down syndrome specific resources on this page, additional disability related resources can be found at Tennessee Disability Pathfinder. This site provides free information, resources, support, and referrals to Tennesseans with disabilities and their families.

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