Meredith Brunner Scholarship Details

The Meredith Brunner Achievement Scholarship is awarded annually to an individual with Down syndrome who lives in Middle Tennessee and is continuing their education at a post-secondary program, such as Next Steps at Vanderbilt or Ideal at David Lipscomb University.

This fund was established in the fall of 2015 to honor DSAMT Board of Directors’ President Bob Brunner, whose exemplary dedication and effort serves as an example of everything that DSAMT strives to be. 

Starting in fiscal year 2016, one scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $1,000.  Recipient will be announced at the annual 3.21 World Down Syndrome Awareness Event.  Online applications must be received by March 15th each year.

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2020 Meredith Brunner Achievement Scholarship winner: Brian Klippinger


Brian has been a very active young man in the Down syndrome community.  When asked wny he should recieve the scholarship, Brian said, "I am an adult and a good listener and I want to get smarter. I want to go to college like my brother and my sister. I always wanted to go to Lipscomb and college will make me ready to have a full-time job like my parents. Getting a scholarship will help pay for me to go to Lipscomb for college. Thank you!"

He will be attending the IDEAL program at David Lipscomb University in the fall 2020.

Previous Recipients

2019 Trae Geier
2018 Will Brim
2017 Jason Rogers
2016 Jason VanWulven