Down Syndrome Specialist Training

The Down Syndrome Specialist Training provides advanced training on Down syndrome and how it can affect the learning process and academic performance. Most importantly, it trains participants on strategies and supports that have been proven to be successful for exceptional learners, especially in an inclusive environment.

The program identifies learning styles common among those with Down syndrome and explains the best practice strategies to help improve the success of students with these learning styles in the classroom.  While it is our focus to improve the outcomes of students with Down syndrome through this partnership, many educators who have participated have reported the benefits extend to all their students.

DSAMT trains and provides ongoing support to education students, general and special education teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, therapists and other educational professionals, who become valued resources on teaching exceptional learners in an inclusive setting, particularly those with Down syndrome.

There is no charge for the program, and all participatants receive a certificate of completion. See Flyer

To request a training at your district or school, please contact Alecia Talbott at or 615-386-9002.