Keiston Flood

Keiston Flood recently participated in the Sparkle Pageant and was named “Mr. Lights Up the Room”. This is a perfect description of Keiston, because it is very rare to see Keiston out when he is not smiling and having a good time. Keiston is an extremely intelligent young man who is often said to be kind, polite, and helpful, especially towards children. DSAMT staff members agree he is a great example of a young gentleman. Outside of the Sparkle Pageant, Keiston is very involved in several activities throughout the year. He loves sports and is involved in TUSC Stars soccer, Miracle League baseball, Raptors kickball, CheerVille minions, and Raptors basketball. He has been in dance for three years doing both ballet and tap. Outside of these activities, Keiston loves spending time with family and friends, reading books, and looking at his favorite TV shows. He attends 5th grade at Restoring Hope Christian Academy where he is an avid worshiper and loves prayer. Everyone who knows Keiston loves him and his infectious smile and laugh.

DSAMT would like to recognize Keiston not only for winning "Mr. Lights Up the Room", but also for his kindness, intelligence, and being a gentleman at all times.